Long Island’s Wood Floor Refinishing Experts

Long Island Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts

 When it comes to Long Island floor refinishing, this is certainly one of the most rewarding accomplishments that helps in transmuting a room with beauty, style and warmth. There are several DIY guides and books available in the Internet that you can use to learn about effective methods of refinishing floors but this will never surpass professional services we offer. We deliver diverse Long Island hardwood floor refinishing services at incredibly affordable rates. Regardless whether your hardwood floor is made of solid planks and strips, prefinished engineered wood flooring, wood parquet or the faux wood floors that are constricted using laminates; our service is based on techniques and expertise coming from working on hundreds of floors. We have developed proprietary and unique techniques over the years that we have been in the industry tailored to complement the fashion tastes of all clients. Unless you have abundant patience and you are very detail oriented, people handling hardwood floor refinishing can prove a great challenge.

 Luckily, you can have absolute peace of mind when you hire us to complete your job. We are highly skilled in the Long Island hardwood floor refinishing methods including sanding, stripping and re-staining. We boast of vast skills in delivering refinishing services on both new and old hardwood. We have the skills and experience for preventing unforeseen reactions. We also have experienced staff trained in using different hardwood floor refinishing equipment such as the heavy sanding machine that can cause long term knowledge when it fails to be used appropriately. The several years of experience comes handy in ensuring customer satisfaction.

    If you are looking for simple methods of boosting the elegance of your hardwood floor that appears dull and boring, we guarantee you of designer inspired and flexible refinishing methods that can be modified to complement your personal tastes.

    We dedicate time, tools and the best of professionals in the industry in completing all the projects we handle. We conduct informed research and give warnings and solutions to our clients so that they can make stellar solutions when choosing suitable refinishing floors.

    We can help you in making appropriate preparation long before we start the refinishing service. For instance, if you are planning to use sanding as your refinishing method you will need to make adequate groundwork in advance. For example, you will need to have cleared the room long before hiring a sander. In addition, you need appropriate methods to prevent spread of the dust. Hanging wet sheets on the wall is one of the best methods to suppress dust from spreading across the house.

    Wearing appropriate gear to protect you when doing the work also comes handy. For instance, you might require gas masks and gloves to keep you safe from sanding dust and fumes coming from the staining agent. Some people prefer small manual machines that appear handier but the main drawback with this method is that the units are very laborious. We use automated commercial machines that are easy to operate and that deliver professional sanding service.

    After sanding the floor, some people prefer to have it stained while others prefer to leave it at that so that it can have a natural look. If you are planning to re-stain the hardwood, adequate research should be conducted to ascertain you choose the most appropriate option.



When it comes to choosing suitable flooring option, you will be spoiled for choice from our diverse flooring options ranging from click wood or engineered wood to solid wood. There is also a wide range of wood species tailored to complement the requirements of every client.